My Marathon is a brand-new fundraising initiative for the Pediatric Pain Warrior Program. We understand that every day can feel like a marathon when you are battling chronic pain. The goal of the fundraiser is to show while all of our families are so different, we all find ways to conquer our obstacles.

Because marathons are 26.2 miles, we are asking our pain warriors to do 26 movement activities in the month of September. Marathons can range from 26 steps for 26 days to 26 minutes of physical therapy for 26 days. The possibilities are endless. Each child’s chronic pain journey is different, making each child’s My Marathon movement goal unique!

Our hope is that every family will participate in some way. No donation is too small, as we are also raising awareness for our pediatric pain warriors. Please consider creating a team (this can just be your family or friends) and sharing your story of what YOUR marathon looks like using the hashtag #MyMarathon.

Questions or concerns? Contact us!


How to participate

  1. Go to our page on Fundly.
  2. You have the option to donate directly to the cause or create a team.
  3. If you create a team, you will be able to easily create your own fundraising page that will be linked to the main page.
  4. Define YOUR marathon. Will you go out for a walk? PT? Yoga? Tae-kwon-do? The goal is to carry out this activity 26 times.
  5. Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars with your fundraising goal. You might be surprised by the generosity of others.
  6. HAVE FUN and remember we are SO proud of you!

Examples of marathons

Walk 26 steps down the driveway for 26 days

Dance in your living room for 2.6 minutes for 26 days

 Do physical therapy for 26 minutes for 26 days

Everyone deserves to cross the finish line!