Announcing the 2021 Pediatric Virtual Retreat!

Boom! Pow! Woosh! Who is that superhero? It’s you!  

Hey Pediatric Pain Warriors and families, we are so excited to invite you all to this year’s virtual retreat, “What’s your Superpower?”, occurring on December 3–5 and December 10–12.  Each one of our pediatric pain warriors, along with their amazing supporters, possess many amazing and special qualities like bravery, fortitude, humor, determination, and caring just to name a few. Let’s celebrate these superpowers together!

Pediatric pain warriors and their families can sign up for the free retreat by clicking the link below to register. Please register as soon as you are able because we have a limited supply of retreat boxes (filled with everything you need to fully participate) and we hope to provide them to each child participating.  The latest we can ship out the boxes is November 19, so please consider registering soon.  

Register now!

Sign up to participate in the 2021 Virtual Retreat. You will receive a follow up message confirming your registration with details on how you can join each activity below.

Retreat Agenda

Friday, December 3, 7 pm ET: 

  • Welcome party — Learn about the virtual retreat, what’s inside the box and learn the story of Pete the Penguin Warrior as we build our mascot together. (Build a penguin will be included in your retreat box.)

Saturday, December 4, 4 pm ET:

  • What’s your superpower? — In this art therapy session, pediatric warriors will decorate the t-shirts for their penguins with what they envision their superpowers to be. (The t-shirt is included in their retreat box along with fabric markers.) This session is for children.

Saturday, December 4, 5:30 pm ET:

  • Treatment options and how to choose the right one for your Superhero — Learn different treatment options available for our amazing superheroes and how to decide which one is the best option for you and your family. This is for parents/caregivers.

Saturday, December 4, 7 pm ET:

  • Superheroes unite for a paint party — Gather the entire superhero family for a fun paint night. (Paint kits will be included in the retreat box.)

Sunday, December 5, 4 pm ET:

  • Share your superpower — Learn how to advocate for yourself and share your superpower story through leading advocates! This is for children.

Sunday, December 5, 5:30 pm ET:

  • How to help and share your superhero power — Learn how to advocate for your superhero in different aspects of their lives through leading advocates. This is for parents/caregivers.

Friday, December 10, 7 pm ET: 

  • A guide to continuing education for our superhero — Learn from a college admissions counselor on tips and tricks for continuing education and navigating the college application process with a disability. This is for everyone.

Saturday, December 11, 4 pm ET:

  •  Show us your superpower — Join in for a fun, interactive support group session to meet and learn from others who are living with the same conditions as you! This is for children.

Saturday, December 11, 5:30 pm ET: 

  • Keep the light shining — Join us for fun, interactive support group session and learn how to make sure you are taking care of yourself throughout the journey. This is for parents.

Saturday, December 11, 7 pm ET:

  • Trivia night: Keeping your Superhero safe — Join us for a trivia night on keeping your superhero safe with over-the-counter medications. This event is for everyone!

Sunday, December 12, 4 pm ET:

  • Kids panel — Join us for a Q&A with fellow pain warriors. This is for children.

Sunday, December 12, 5:30 pm ET: 

  • What is on the horizon for your Superhero — Join us for an educational session on clinical trials and learn where to stay up to date on clinical trials that are happening now! This is for everyone. 

Sunday, December 12, 7 pm ET:

  • Get the SCOOP on 2022! — Join us for a farewell ice cream party (ice cream scooper and sprinkles included in the retreat box) as we share exciting news that you will have to be present to hear it first for 2022!

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The Virtual Pediatric Pain Warrior Retreat was created through support from Johnson & Johnson and Genentech. U.S. Pain Foundation developed the content without review from sponsors. This information is educational only and should not be used as a substitute for advice from a health care professional.