Dealing with pain is hard for anyone, but especially children. When a child is afflicted, pain not only affects him or her, but also the entire family.

Welcome to Pediatric Pain Warriors

Millions of children live with chronic pain. They and their families face a unique set of challenges everywhere from the doctor’s office to the classroom.

We are here to help and offer hope. We provide resources, education, support, and retreats for all affected by pediatric pain.

The journey can feel endless and overwhelming for pediatric pain warriors and their families. We want to walk the path with you.

The goal of Pediatric Pain Warriors is to:
  • Provide resources and education for pediatric pain warriors and their families.
  • Create forums and events where pediatric pain warriors and their families can connect and find support.
  • Cultivate public awareness by sharing stories and information.


Connect with Us

Pediatric Pain Warrior is a program of U.S. Pain Foundation, the leading chronic pain advocacy organization in the country. Learn more at